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Customer, Sally Hart, April 18, 2008

The jewelry at Alara is unique and affordable. Babs Noelle has a gift for working with her clients to create jewelry that is destined to become heirlooms. In redesigning my jewelry she brought me, a sixty-five year old lady, up to date.


Customer, Patrick Kainz, April 18,2008

Babs Noelle – artist extraordinaire, a talented visionary who is a blast to work with!


Customer and former employee, Katie Kost, April 18, 2008

Alara jewelry is not simply a jewelry store in historic downtown Bozeman--it is truly a member of the community. From involvement in Summer Art Walks, the annual Christmas Stroll, Women’s Equal Pay Day, and Thursday night shopping events, to numerous donations to Shakespeare in the Park, The Museum of the Rockies, Equinox Theatre, Thrive and many others, Alara’s involvement and contribution to the Gallatin Valley is tremendous. Babs Noelle’s entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit is admirable and unwavering. She is a responsible business owner and employer, treating each of her employees and customers with respect and dignity and doing things right because it’s the right thing to do.


Customer and official Alaraholic, Jen Hermesmeyer, April 17, 2008

To me, what gives a jewelry store a “cool” factor is when it meets the needs of a wide variety of clientele by providing unique and interesting jewelry in a range of prices. Alara is that kind of store – whether you’re looking for a gift, something to spruce up your own collection, or a speciall7-designed piece (with or without a budget!), the owner, Babs Noelle, and her expert staff are able to work with you to help you find or create what it is you’re looking for. Babs seeks out designers worldwide who bring a special quality to their line, which is reflected in the amazing pieces you’ll find in her store. Plus, there’s always a glass of champagne to be had – how much cooler can you get than jewelry and champagne under one roof?


Customer, Doug Stiner, April 17, 2008

I appreciate Alara on many different levels.

First – as a guy who wants to get something for his wife and is sometimes stumped, Alara makes it easy for me because of the vast choice of unique and interesting pieces – not like the usual jewelry store offerings. They are also displayed in a very artistic and appealing way.

Second – the staff gives excellent advice in helping to choose between such a variety of items without ever being pushy. I always end up with something Nancy, my wife, LOVES. I am very appreciative of the fact that any member of the staff will go the extra mile to help me, and if a problem arises they will bend over backwards to make it right.

The Alara staff works well together and communicates with each other, and it’s also obvious that they enjoy their jobs. It doesn’t matter who I get on the phone they all know what’s going on with a special order or repair or just any situation that may arise.

The staff is professional, knowledgeable and understanding.

I have been extremely satisfied doing business with Alara in the past and will continue to do business with Alara in the future and look forward to having that same level of satisfaction and heck, we’ve all become friends.


Vendor rep, Shaun Simcox, April 17, 2008

I am a western states sales rep and have exposure to many jewelry stores. Alara is unique not only in its merchandise but the ambience of the store and attitude of the staff is inviting and “fun”. So many jewelry stores are stuffy and formal and Alara makes fine jewelry seem more accessible and enjoyable to shop for. I have a wonderful rapport based on trust and friendship with Babs and the members of her staff. Babs has a knack for recruiting and maintaining wonderful employees. In my travels I am always bragging about Alara, I love what Babs is doing, her store concept is wonderful and successful.


Customer, Chuck Watson, April 15, 2008

My wife, Natascha, and I travel extensively throughout the US and abroad. We regularly comment to each other, when seeing jewelry stores in other towns, that Alara is far better--interesting jewelry, high quality, great atmosphere and attentive staff.

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