ashley d

ashley d

Ashley is a literal vagabond. She travels the country, with a studio inside her RV. "Have bench, have silver, have beads--will travel." The colors, movement, and design of each piece reflect the inspiration nature offers, all wrapped up in bohemian flair. Each piece is both intricate and delicate. 

This captivating earring line combines Japanese Miyuki glass seed beads with sterling silver that is soldered shut, by hand, for security. An unusual combination of humble and fine materials, worked into compelling earring shapes that are at once dramatic and accessible. Each piece is both delicate, yet bold. Bead weaving takes time, patience & focus, which makes it a very meditative process. Each piece is truly made with love and of guaranteed quality and craftsmanship.

Most of the color combinations, whether bold or ombre, are inspired by the views out Ashley's ever-changing window location. Other palettes are the result of collaboration between Babs and Ashley, and are unique to Alara. All the palettes are by nature joyful.

Ashley and Babs were introduced by Alara alumna and designer, Ciara Easterling. Knowing that Babs loves to see humble materials worked into fine jewelry, Ciara made this connection happen.

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