Todd Pownell

Todd Pownell

A reinvention of natural beauty, Todd Pownell's TAP studio binds us to generations across history by creating stunning handcrafted rings, pendants, and earrings that will forever be treasured by their wearer. A technically trained goldsmith and graduate gemologist, Tod Pownell is an expert of historical fine jewelry. A member of the Ethical Metalsmiths, TAP studio in Cleveland, Ohio proudly embraces social and environmental responsibility creating conscious works of art that employ only ethically mined and recycled materials. At TAP precious metals and gemstones are regarded not only for their lustrous color and sheen but for their ultimate molecular structure, which serves as a reminder of universal order. Each piece is painstakingly hand fabricated using unique combinations of gems and metals like dazzling inverted diamonds scattered within a concave crater of blackened palladium, Todd Pownell designs mesmerize and delight. Evocative of mystery, exceptionally harmonious, and carrying a profound awareness of their origins Todd Pownell's jewelry pieces are emblems of all that is deep and lovely, translated into metal and stone. 

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