Small Plumage Earrings
Small Plumage Earrings
Small Plumage Earrings
Small Plumage Earrings
Rachel Atherley

Small Plumage Earrings


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Deep garnets blend downward into pink tourmalines, before finalizing their descent into rainbow moonstones. This ombre transition mimics the colors one might find on the feathers of a hopeful spring bird. Rachel Atherley's unique style of stringing the gems together allows for playful movement every time the wearer moves their head. These are a sweet and graceful addition to any outing, any time of the year

* Fun Fact: Designer Rachel Atherley is a Montana native and graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana in 2002. 

Cold Hard Facts:

  • metal: 14K yellow gold
  • gem: rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, pink tourmaline and garnet 
  • drop: 1" 
  • width: 3/4" at widest 
  • hook wire