BridalTalk | Wedding Bands and More

Thank you SO much for joining us on the Bridal Talk. Running down the left are photo-links to the resources we briefly touched upon during our streaming segments. We know you want to continue dreaming about and planning your wedding.  These options allow you to do so in the privacy and safety of your own home.

 Each link is accompanied by a little extra info to guide you to the right spot. But feel free to explore all of them! Most importantly--consider us a resource for assistance at any point along the way. After all, we work with these interfaces all the time. We are available 10am to 6pm every day through webchat, email, and phone or text at 406-522-8844.  

Classic. Precious. Enduring. Sizable. If you want a plain band, these die-struck beauties in gold, platinum, palladium, and silver are made to exacting standards. But don't let "plain" fool you will see, there are still many options to be had, from width to finish to shape. If we personally sized you, you can go all the way through the process of ordering, and we'll contact you to confirm price and delivery. Otherwise, please use this tool to figure out what you like--and contact us to arrange a sizing appointment to finalize everything. 


Not too trendy, but not too plain. Here you can see and choose bands that rise above classic, but have their own appeal that's still rooted in tradition. Some styles have a single diamond. Some feature patterning or texturing. Some include more than one metal. Some contain gemstones. You get the idea. Feel free to play by using the filters running down the left side, and feel free to ask us for deets, opinions, and guidance! Once you've narrowed down, contact us for a final fit, sizing, and deposit.


Creativity at your fingertips! Here's the place to design your own band, in either alternative or precious metals, as well as combinations. You'll find numerous styles in tungsten, cobalt chrome, zirconium, and Damascus steel to name just some. You get to play with all the options and design something that's truly your own. By involving us in the process, you get a professional sizing with the special Lashbrook sizers, a sizing warranty and a no-fee manufacturer's warranty. After building the band you want, you can contact us for your sizing appointment.


"I want a band that hugs my engagement ring." Did your engagement ring not have a band to fit it, or you just didn't like the one offered? Well, the old way of handling this would involve you having to leave you engagement ring with a jeweler to have one custom-made for it. That means four to six WEEKS without your ring! And for some of you, you simply don't have the time for that. Well, our Loving Embrace contour bands solve both problems. Visit here to see the basic styles and prices. Then, arrange for a contour fitting at Alara (we will not just size your finger, but help you choose the right "contour curve band" to fit up against your engagement ring. You leave with the ring, and you leave the contour ring to us, with time to spare.


Thirty-five years of sizing expertise means we know how to help you do the process safely. Follow this link to learn about what constitutes a proper fit (especially important for folks who have no experience wearing a ring), and the different options we offer for safe sizing, and to schedule a finger sizing or contour curve fitting.


Remember playing dress-up? Why don't we do it more with our friends after we grow up? We certainly don't know, and this is our fix for that! Your Girls' Night starts with a bottle of sparkling wine on us for you and 3 to 5 of your friends. We break out the pretty flutes to make it more festive. Our 4 vanities are at the ready for your personal styling, and photo props help make the evening memorable. Top off with an awesome schwag bag with Alara goodies plus coupons and discounts at other area businesses