March is "Just Me" Month for Ladies

First, let's chat just a moment about Equal Pay Day. For the first time we can remember, this day (which represents how far into the new year a woman must work in order to equal the pay her male counterpart made in the previous calendar year) is in March! That means we're gaining a bit!

In years past, we celebrated Equal Pay Day by offering a discount to ladies only that was equivalent to the pay differential. This year, that's 19%.

But, we're going BIG this year! Rather than just one day, we're using the whole month of March to offer discounts to our sisters, who had to work, school, and juggle it all this past year. So, here's to you, ladies!

We're doing a BOGO-1/2 sale on all non-bridal finished jewelry made by any of our 30 female designers. You can mix and match the designers you buy, so consider teaming up with a friend, sister, aunt, or mom--and splitting the savings! 

Here's the list of designers from which you can choose...and remember, we have far more in-store than on-line. Self-purchase, like self-care, should be celebrated and enjoyed! Cheers!

The designer names are linked to their respective collections.