Performing Jewelry Miracles from Six Feet Away

We are open!

Let's play jewelry together!

Our focus is on how we can offer safe services that accommodate as many folks as possible...all while keeping our community's well-being at the forefront. We actually have four levels of service from which you can choose!

Click any of the photos below to be transported to the online scheduler that corresponds to the level of service you are seeking.

Each link is accompanied by a little extra info to guide you to the right spot. But feel free to explore all of them. Most importantly--consider us a resource for assistance at any point along the way.

We are available 10am to 6pm every day through webchat, email, and you can phone or text us at 406-522-8844.


In-Store Services

  • With or without appointment, no more than 3 guests (+max 1 companion each) in store for most hours of the day.
  • We will be locking the front door when we reach max capacity; you can either return to try again, or call or text us at 406-522-8844 to see if we can recommend a return time...or feel free to set an appointment by clicking the photo to the left.
  • We will be wearing masks for your protection, and ask you to wear a mask for ours. There is simply no way to keep social distance while professionally assisting with jewelry needs.
  • If you do not have a mask, we have comfy ones you can borrow while you are visiting Alara. (Re-usable, washable, and US-made.)
  • Please use our hand sanitizer upon entering.
  • Gloves available for your use, if they are practical in your particular case.
  • We have three highly-distanced work stations set has a plexiglass "sneeze guard" to use for extended appointment activities, finger sizing, custom consultations, and appraisal take-ins.


Private Appointments for our High-Risk Guests


 You are reserving all of Alara for just yourself and one companion.

 We have set aside varying hours, six days a week, for private appointments for our high-risk guests. Alara team members working with you will wear masks and gloves, and we ask that you do the same. We also have a plexiglass table-divider that allows us to safely assist while technically being closer than normally advised.

We are offering many different services to assist you in this "almost-as-safe-as-staying-home" method. Click the above photo link to schedule your private appointment!  


No-Mask Options 


 For whatever reason, does wearing a mask not work for you? 

Please know that your inability to wear a mask actually puts Alara staff at increased risk to work with you, since it is the nature of jewelry that we must work at distances that are closer-than-ideal.

We do ask that you use our hand sanitizer and/or wear gloves, however.

Click the above photo-link to schedule a private appointment with us...and we will conduct your appointment using our plexiglass table-divider, to allow us to serve you safely and be close enough to communicate in the precise way that jewelry service requires.


Virtual Services - And Lots of 'Em!


 We have lots of options available to you that you can enjoy from the comfort and safety of your home: 

  • virtual shopping tours via webchat
  • remote custom design appointments e-concierge (making you the jewelry hero by assisting you with our on-line store PLUS showing you additional pieces only shown in the gallery)
  • virtual styling sessions
  • diamond or sapphire exploration/education
    We've ironed out all the details so you don't have to feel like you're missing out. Click the above photo-link to schedule your own virtual appointment.