Product image 1Double Point Crystal Quartz Necklace
Product image 2Double Point Crystal Quartz Necklace
Product image 3Double Point Crystal Quartz Necklace
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Double Point Crystal Quartz Necklace

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Crystals for Humanity (previously gem water) is dedicated to the belief that the universe is woven together with a multitude of frequencies and vibrations. Each crystal and stone used in their 528CfH collection resonate with its own song and emanates different energies. 

Clear Quartz, used in this piece, is an extremely powerful stone. Known as the ultimate healer, it helps clear your mind and body. When you wear this piece, fill it with your intention for the day, and feel your actions imbued with wellness. The stone is hung from an adjustable chain, allowing it to be worn with any neckline, but also lets the wearer choose its position based on where they may need the most support throughout the day. 

Did you know: Crystals for Humanity, donates $5.28 from each necklace to charity. Feel good knowing these will improve not only your own world but the world at large. 

Cold Hard Facts:

  • metal: 18K yellow gold vermeil
  • gem: crystal quartz 
  • chain length: 40" adjustable
  • gem dimensions: 1.5"x.5" 
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