Product image 1"Lucky Scarab" Necklace
Product image 2"Lucky Scarab" Necklace
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"Lucky Scarab" Necklace

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The richness of this striking ruby, is magnified by it's blackened silver chain creating a simply stunning two toned effect. Scarabs were used symbolically in Ancient Egypt in a multitude of ways, however it seems to have begun with it's similarity to the sun god. Just as the sun god would roll himself into the sun before making it's way across the sky, so too would the scarab roll itself up. The red and gold hues used in this pendant are a match to a stunning sunrise before a warm summer's day. 

Wear this necklace and feel the luck of the sun carry through your day. 

* Fun Fact: Designer Rachel Atherley is a Montana native and graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana in 2002.  

Cold Hard Facts:

  • metal: oxidized sterling silver + 14k yellow gold
  • gem: ruby
  • pendant: approx. 1/3" x 1/4"
  • length: 16" 
  • lobster clasp


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