Moss Aquamarine Earrings - "Small Caviar"
Rachel Atherley

Moss Aquamarine Earrings - "Small Caviar"


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Moss aquamarine gets its name from the inclusions within the gems which mimic the deep forest floors. Allow your creativity and connection to the earth to flourish with these wonderful earrings. The dark and light greens work with the shimmering gold to magnify the earth's presence in your heart. Gift these to yourself or a loved one and feel your roots grow. 

* Fun Fact: Designer Rachel Atherley is a Montana native and graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana in 2002. 

Cold Hard Facts:

  • metal: 14K yellow gold
  • gem: moss aquamarine
  • drop: approx. 1" 
  • width: 1/2" at widest 
  • french wire