12 Stunning Engagement Rings You'll Fall For

So many styles, so little time....here's an overview of just a smidge of the variety we design, love, purchase, and collaborate on. 
Above, from left to right... 
“Tempest in a Teacup” 
Summer is here, again! The trees are green, the sky is blue, and the sun is bright and shiny. Those warm, sun-shining days… beautiful… and hot. Sunburns, sweat, and humidity… where’s the relief?! Then you see it-- a dark storm in the distance. As you stare at it from below, you become charmed by the rolling and churning of the clouds. As the chaos rumbles above, a sense of tranquility blankets you. Todd Reed perfectly encaptured this sensation with this ring. Made from recycled 18K rose gold and a sustainably-sourced, grey brilliant-cut diamond, this mesmerizing ring provides a sense of wonder, and admiration for the things in life that tend to be overlooked. 
“The Archeology of Love” 
 Antiquities, complexes of toppled buildings and buried, half-remembered things. Your love will last the ages and come through, preserved for some future seeker to find. Your preferred style has a little dust and ruination in it, imperfect with a nod to the historical, and definitely one-of-a-kind. Michael and Catherine Jensen of Michael Jensen Designs know how to evoke age in a modern work of art. In the Vetus ring, 18K yellow gold scrolls and twists to capture a perfectly centered 0.32ct Old Mine-cut diamond, while the Jensen’s signature patinated texture enhances the sterling silver on the heavy euro-shank. Give your hand some history. 
“Princess in Pink” 
This is THE RING for the unapologetically feminine, fashion-forward, chic, strong woman. The perfect ring to show off to your girlfriends on a night out, or the ring you wear to make a bold statement no matter the occasion. This exquisite ring is unlike the rest, with a brilliant, saturated pink radiant-cut Montana sapphire, surrounded by a hexagonal halo of 16 brilliant white diamonds. In fact, this ring was hand-crafted to fit around this one-of-a-kind sapphire! Wearing this ring adds a touch of style and beauty that Danhov has been crafting since 1984. Trust me, this is the head-turning ring for the girl that feels pretty in pink! 
“Modern Romantic” 
Aesthetes will appreciate the vibrant colors and details of this one-of-a-kind Suzy Landa Ring. Delicate pink claw prongs hold a prismatic Australian Opal aloft, above a radiating halo of 18K rose gold and white diamonds, like the sun peeking through peach-tinted clouds, or a water droplet jeweling a daisy after a spring rain. The cushion-shaped opal contains a myriad of colors, in a fleeting, mesmerizing, play of light that can only truly be appreciated on the hand. Luxe materials and clean design all work in harmony in this ethereal, modern ring. Feminine and delicate without being old-fashioned, this ring ushers romance into the 21st century. 
What's a Yogo sapphire? We're happy to explain this from a technical perspective, but perhaps it's just better to show, rather than tell... 
Unique Engagement Yogo Sapphire Rings
Again, from left to right... 
“The Art Collector” 
The everyday artist finds the beauty in the smallest minutiae of her day, from the morning coffee sipped from her imperfect handmade ceramic mug, to the great expanse of sky in our mountain nights. Beauty and design rendered small, artist Alex Sepkus captures the fantasy, colors, and textures of the world, be they natural textures, or the stuff of dreams. The 18K yellow gold serves as a whorling textural backdrop to bright starry diamonds and night-sky blue Montana-mined Yogo sapphires, all in a low-profile comfortable, hand-made band. The organic circles and shapes say different things, evoking paths and rivers, a cobblestone street, Klimt, and Van Gogh all in one wearable, endlessly fascinating work of art. 
“Yogo Delight” 
You love the finer things in life, but you aren't huge into giant, flashy diamond rings. Rebecca Overmann kept the minimalist in mind when making this simply elegant engagement ring. Made with 14K white gold, a deep blue yogo sapphire, and six white diamonds, this ring is perfect for people who want to make a statement, but won’t tear the gloves of chefs, nurses, or doctors. Each of the stones are set to capture surrounding light, giving a beautiful glimmer at every angle. The deep blue of the Yogo sapphire is eye catching, but set perfectly in a classically-proportioned band that is sure to bring beauty to the wearer. 
“Whimsical Fantasy” 
You like being a show-stopper, but in a modern fashion. With this sky blue Yogo sapphire, daydreaming of sunny days and clear skies is inevitable. Surrounding this beautiful sapphire is a whirling halo of white diamonds that draws attention from every angle--a specialty that designer Danhov practically "owns." No words can describe how absolutely stunning this ring is. No matter where you wear this modern classic, you are sure to get turning heads and awestruck reactions. 
Is "outside the box" the perfect way to describe your taste? Well, indulge in these...! 
You want something different. You feel attached to our planet and place, and would like your engagement ring to reflect that. You want your version of love to show the softer lines, the wabi-sabi, the growth and gleam of a living relationship. Julie Romanenko brings that to this beautiful mixed-shape diamond band. Couldn’t imagine picking just one center stone? Pears, ovals, marquises, and trilliant rose-cut diamonds jut organically in a pleasing formation from a softly textured 14K yellow gold band. A modern low profile and one clean edge make for a stacker with some flair. 
“Wild Glamour” 
A bold declaration of love, this ring is perfect for the non-traditionalist. The three-diamond cluster links past, present and future together; and the inverted stones invite you to look at life from a different vantage point. A hand hammered lush recycled 18K yellow gold band, blackened bezels and upcycled white diamonds combine to create an extraordinary contemporary engagement ring. The stones are set low, with just enough space to stack a wedding band or two. It is an innovative way to personalize and express your own fabulous style. 
And last, but certainly not least.... 
"Sleek, smooth, and precise" 
Aaaah, yes. You wear gloves at work. You don't want it to snag. You want beauty and sparkle, though. And you don't want the same ol', same ol'. Who'd a thunk anyone would set a marquise-cut this way??? This streamlined beauty by Gebrueder Schaffrath of Germany means you also won't see your ring on just anyone else, as there is only a handful of jewelers in the US who carry their work. Made in 18K white gold, featuring a finely-cut (German engineering at its sparkliest!), conflict-free diamond. 
"Antiques speak to me" 
Do you love things with history--falling under the spell of the sublimely decorative Belle Epoque, the twining florals of Art Nouveau, the walls of light girding a Gothic cathedral? Have you ever walked past an antique store, and not in? Hugo Kohl presents the perfect solution for the antique-loving romantic, by offering engagement rings with the aesthetic sense, but not the wear, of history. Using hand-carved steel plates (called “dies”) from the 1800s through early 1900s, in a now-rare process, Hugo Kohl created this 14K yellow gold and diamond die-struck engagement ring. Resplendent with ribboning floral vines and a trellis-like cathedral gallery, this ring culminates in an octagonal mirrored surface that steps down to a bead-set 0.27ct Old European-cut diamond. 
“The Temps Moderne” 
You prefer clean lines and minimalism. The order and beauty of modern design excite all your senses, and you love symmetry. The centerpiece of this stunning B.Noelle 14K white gold ring is a central, pooling teal hexagonal Montana Sapphire. Its mesmerizing precision is reflected by two diamond baguettes on either side, and a simple architectural cathedral elevates it above the hand like the dome of a building, a fountain in an immaculate garden. Timeless and beautiful design for those who prefer their rings classic and clean. 
Thanks so much for perusing. Now, just think....we have hundreds of rings by 60+ designers. Stop in. Call. Email. Ask questions! Your dream is our command...

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