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June 12 2020 UPDATE on ear piercing services

Hi, I’m Babs...the one who wrote the blog post “Guns Don’t Pierce Ears--People Pierce Ears.” [Thanks for making it so popular, y'all!] 

I strive to make ear piercing fun and safe, all while performing it with great professional care. Part of my service is that I wholeheartedly focus on the best placement of the piercings, through the use of both magnification and measurement. The point of differentiation between my piercing services and most others is this care and precision, all of which is done with tight physical closeness.

COVID-19 has made me have to think this service through in a new light. I am having to take my personal situation into serious consideration, in order to feel comfortable offering this service at all. I apologize if you made promises to your child that I am unable to help you fulfill. 

My 92-year-old mother is in memory care. She is among our community's most vulnerable. I simply must do everything possible to not transmit the virus to her, so that she will neither become sick herself, nor become a viral nexus in her long-term care facility.

As many of you may know, I have asked that all visitors to Alara wear some form of face covering, in order to protect my team. [As we are likewise doing for our guests.] There is simply no way to properly and professionally serve you as jewelers without breaking social distance, so the masks are to mitigate against that. 

Well, the only way I am able to pierce ears the way that I always have is to not only break social distance, but be very, very close for an extended period of time. Basically, my face is within four inches of the piercee’s face for about 5 minutes in most cases...up to 10 minutes for someone (generally a younger child) who is nervous and/or “squirmy.” 

I am mitigating the latter problem by limiting appointments to adults and children 10 or more years of age. That will keep the “ultra-closeness” interval down to 5 minutes total. 

For now, no more “parties” or “family celebrations” during piercing appointments. Just 1 person in addition to the person being pierced, please. If you want the Alara team to photograph or video so you can be involved with your child while memorializing this event, we are happy to do so--just let us know immediately after you set your appointment.

To protect my mom and her community, I will be wearing an N95 mask. That means I will be protecting myself, NOT the person whose ears I’m piercing.


Ear Piercing Details | COVID-19:

  • In addition to e-initialing on-line liability release forms related to ear piercing and COVID-19 during the online scheduling process, the same consent and release forms must be signed in person the day of the service. These waivers must be signed either by the piercee, or by a parent or adult guardian in the case of a minor. You can view those liability waivers here, as well.
  • The piercee and one companion only may come to the appointment. If a minor’s ears are being pierced, the companion must be a parent or legal guardian. Please arrive on time, so that there is enough time to pick out your earrings (you can also do that in advance of your appointment).
  • All Alara guests must wear a face covering. If you forget yours, we will provide a comfy one you may borrow (soft washable cotton with ear loops).
  • Companion to wear face covering of their choice during the entire appointment--from entry to exit.
  • To protect my mom, I will be wearing an N95 mask. That means I will be protecting myself, NOT the person whose ears I’m piercing.
  • Face covering choices for piercee only during actual piercing service:
    • No face covering or mask
    • Mask or face covering of any kind (including an N95) that does not block access to the ears, and that ties/goes behind the head, not the ears. Masks that loop behind the ears tend to move ears enough that it can negatively affect piercing placement. You may use an after-market extender on ear loops to keep the loops from going around the back of the ears.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


    "OK, I'm ready to schedule!"

    bozeman-ear-piercing-children-under-10 bozeman-ear-piercing-adults 



    Perhaps the thought of having someone in their teens pierce your ears makes you a wee bit tense. No worries, we are ready, willing, and able to pierce your ears.

    We use the only fully encapsulated sterile ear piercing products in the world. This means the earrings are completely enclosed and sterile during the entire ear piercing process.

    And, with so many completely hypoallergenic, pure titanium and nickel-free stainless steel earrings in stock to replace your original "piercing" earrings, you can be assured that the healing process on those new piercings will continue to be safe and without irritation.

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