Guns Don't Pierce Ears-- People Pierce Ears

Ear piercing is a rite of passage for many girls, and also some boys. Many adults, both young and old alike, opt for additional ear piercings beyond the classic placement. 
I've lost count of how many ears I've pierced. 
And here's the thing...I will only pierce ears. And on ears, I only pierce the lobe and the outer cartilage. I have neither the training nor interest to pierce anything else...I am well aware there are plenty of places where one might acquire such piercings. 
I'm the one that Gallatin Valley folks come to when first, unsuccessful ear piercings were done elsewhere. Happy moms, friends, and even area dermatologists refer folks to us.
Why? Because: 
  • I understand well the importance of pre- and post-piercing cleanliness and care
  • I bear in mind the age and maturity of the person whose ears I am piercing when I explain the after-care to them
  • I put a lot of thought into placement 
  • I only offer earrings that I know will not cause irritation or spark sensitivities 
  • I am experienced 
  • I am not a teenager 
  • There is zero chance one's child might be exposed to an "adult situation" during the piercing process 
  • So long as there's room for me and a reasonable amount of decorum, we welcome family members and friends to hang out, and make this rite of passage a memorable event, like you see in this video...
So, it was pretty distressing to me when a Lady of Alara came across a bunch of "anti piercing gun" articles--seemingly mostly copies of one another; and mostly posted by piercing/tattoo (non-local) businesses.  Well, I read the points being made, and I feel I must rebut.
To begin, everything I read about what "goes wrong" with piercings done with a piercing gun sounds as if some medieval instrument that predates what I use is being discussed.  Two of the "likely problems" I read about, I can't even figure out how, from an engineering standpoint, could occur because of the use of a piercing gun.
We use an ear piercing system that uses fully-enclosed earring capsules which keep the earring and clutch from being exposed to potential contaminants prior to piercing. The earrings are packaged in sealed, sterilized cartridges that are not opened until chosen for piercing. The earrings are never exposed to germs until they are inserted into your ear.
How the gun works...
Actually, the "gun" we use is a Class 1 medical device. The instrument relies on hand pressure to activate it, and in one smooth and quick motion the earring pierces your ear and attaches the safety back. The earrings themselves are designed with an ultra-thin piercing post and tip to help the earrings easily glide through the lobe. 
Since each pair of earrings is only used once, there's no chance of them being dull, which makes the actual piercing process itself one step...quick and easy, in a space that welcomes the whole family to participate!
You don't want someone immature or uncaring to perform this service because...
Guns don't pierce ears, people pierce ears.  

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