Ahhh, yes…the special feeling that comes from having something made especially for us.

Bespoke. Unique. Enduring.

Here's the down-and-dirty on this process. [Click any block to learn more. Or scroll down for the full story, in all it's detailed glory.]

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success in custom jewelry design is all about communication

what does that communication look like?

Often, we start with photos. There's the 2 you send us when you initially schedule, but we welcome as many as are needed to make our meetings productive:

• photos or links to photos you email or text us

• Pinterest boards

• printed materials you bring with you

During the clarification stage, we rely on a mix of:

Q & A

we ask, you answer, we confirm. We will be asking some straightforward questions and then others that might seem odd at first, but will make sense in the long run.

show and tell

we show you pieces of jewelry we have in the showcases, or sometimes photos in our archives or printed library to show differences and similarities that clarify specific features.

drawings and renders

whether casual hand-sketches, real-time CAD renders, or actual-size computer line drawings.

we won't let the custom jewelry process become your enemy

can the same result be achieved using different methods?

complete custom: the bespoke experience


Since we are "building something from the ground up" for you, we will serve as your guides through the intricacies of aesthetics. We'll start with the gems and diamonds of your dreams (whether yours or ours) and work our way towards a finished design. In addition to getting all the gem and diamond education you want, and helping you hand-select gems you need, we will present you with a professional "Design Proposal," which outlines all the details of your job before we embark upon actually creating it.

"massaging an existing model"

custom remounts

So, you already have diamonds and gems, but you really hate how they're mounted? Grandma's taste not the same as yours? We're here to help you bring out the beauty in those baubles! We have picture upon picture of "before" and "after" photos…and don't be surprised that many of the "befores" are from other jewelers who "missed the mark" on the first go-round! By presenting you with a professional "Design Proposal" before we start any actual crafting, nothing is ever forced on you that isn't exactly as it was promised. Depending on the project, this can be "full custom" or "massaged custom," as described separately above.

existing remount models

Just as we have many CAD models that can be slightly modified, we also have a library of existing, physical molds that might just work with the gems you have. This means you can have a piece of jewelry that has that luxurious weight and feel of a custom design (instead of lightweight McJewelry), but at a far lower price. This takes some luck, but can be worth exploring if you're very flexible about design (because these designscan'tbe modified).

yes, you can be the designer!

Are you an artist, engineer, or architect, or do you simply fancy yourself artistic? We can actually instruct you on the use of our CAD system to create a piece. We'll be with you every step of the way, to make sure a design isn't created that lacks proper structure or isn't advisable in any way.

This can be such a meaningful way to give a gift of jewelry--with you as the designer! (We just will do all the crafting once you've come up with your design.) You'll need to set an Initial Custom Consultation to confirm that your design can be properly made using CAD techniques. [Hint: this is our most expensive option, because more of our designer's time is involved. But we are delighted to help you with this kind of "project of a lifetime!"]

corporate award jewelry


When you add gems, the labor to set those gems, and embellishments such as hand-engraving, enamel, or inlay...the price goes up. What the prices below tell you is the typical “entry level” and also “average” prices for custom design, according to metal. "Entry level" pieces are ones that can be made by hand, with simple construction (so, no CAD work). Most custom projects, however, will have pricing that falls in the "Average Pricing" column on the right. 

As previously stated, there’s no such thing as a “typical” price for custom work. It stands to reason that an “atypical” piece will have a very individual price. On occasion, there are styles that folks describe to us as “so simple,” yet as it turns out, they require an expensive manufacturing method to properly and accurately execute them. And sometimes things that look complex are actually inexpensively manufactured using clever assembly. 

Sometimes we custom-craft pieces that fall below the above-listed prices. But the last thing we want to do is mislead you or provide information that makes you feel like there’s a “bait-and-switch” thing going on.

our skills, training, and competencies

quality assurances