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One of the things that makes precious metals precious is the fact that humans can manipulate it into shape. That very quality is what makes it possible for you to unintentionally manipulate it out of shape.

Unlike so many things in this world, however, fine jewelry is not disposable. The materials, in the hands of an expert, can be refurbished to near-former glory; even damage of a tragic order can be repaired. 

Sometimes folks believe that because they spent "X" amount of dollars or more on a piece of fine jewelry, that it "should never break." Unfortunately, the materials will determine otherwise--if a design is exposed to forces it cannot withstand, bending and breaking can certainly occur, even when you think "I didn't do anything to this!"


Our studio has all the "rock stars" of the jewelry repair equipment world, so that we can address all your "oopsies," "dammits," and "WTFs?" Manned by our two resident miracle workers, Mike & Molly, and supported by Matt, our studio is home to some really remarkable transformations.

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Do you want to get an idea of repair pricing? Please bear in mind: nothing is known until we actually see your treasures and assess them. For instance, sizing a ring that contains gems is a very different process than sizing a ring without; and the pricing is affected by not only the metal and the stone type; but the setting method, as well. 

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Mostly, it's a matter of degree and level of trauma.

Refurbishment can be required if a piece gets really mangled (garbage disposal ride, vacuum cleaner tumble, stepped on, driven over...), and entire portions of the piece need to be remade and replaced. Refurbishment can also be the ticket if a piece has worn very evenly, but over such a long period of time without regular maintenance, that "repair" doesn't really correct the problems. And of course, there are examples where refurbishment is needed because of a moderate trauma combined with previous wear-related weaknesses.

Refurbishment requires all the skills of repair, but also all the skills of from-the-ground-up craft (in other words, only someone who is skilled in making jewelry can excel at refurbishment. Between Babs, Molly, Mike, and Matt, whose combined education and experience is notable, we can always find the best solutions, and also innovative concepts that few would conceive and execute.