Montana Designers

Alara proudly boasts four Montana designers, all with their own flair.

Stephen Estelle hails from Red Lodge, Montana and moved to Bozeman about 5 years ago. His work is crafted in sterling silver or vermeil (with karat gold pieces available on a special order basis) by the family of artisans that were the royal jewelers for the Nepali Royal Family. The styling is "classic with a twist," and features gems such as moonstone, labradorite, blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, peridot, garnet, and jade.

Ciara Easterling is Bozeman born-and-raised. A graduate of the Montana State University metalsmithing program and an Alara alum, her work is crafted in sterling silver with occasional gold accents, and features textures that are unique to her, and designed to enhance the beauty of the cabochon gems she prefers: turquoise, river rocks, opaque patterned quartz, ammonite, and fossilized coral. Dark, stormy, and all one-of-a-kind.

Tori Burchill is the Instructor of the Metalsmithing program at Montana State University, as well as an Alara alum. Her work tends to ride the fine line between art jewelry and fashion. Compelling forms and textures in copper, silver, and bronze are worked into stunning neckpieces and bolos primarily. In addition to all being one of a kind, her work is accompanied by stories of symbolism.

B. Noelle is our founder and therefore the OG designer at Alara. Her career spans 36 years now, so her direction has both branched out over time as well as become more finely honed in other ways. She loves lofty and rare gems as well as the humble petrified wood and other rocks she finds and incorporates into her work. She's a multiple national and international award-winner for jewelry design, and really enjoys working with individuals to craft bespoke pieces.

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93 products