Stephen Estelle

Stephen Estelle


Stephen Estelle takes pride in being part of the 1% of jewelers that hand-fabricate from start to finish. Each bespoke treasure is a perfect example of the beauty that can materialize when East meets West. Growing up riding horses on a ranch in Montana, he took that equestrian experience to new heights-- leaving for Tibet in his 20’s to lead 200-mile treks on horseback. After moving to Nepal, Stephen studied Buddhist philosophy at a monastery for five years.

 He picked up the craft of jewelry-making soon after, from a family who has been making jewelry for over four centuries for the maharajahs of Nepal. Despite having a wide variety of influences and experiences throughout his life, Stephen’s driving philosophy remains that “elegance necessitates simplicity”, and that even the smallest detail must be of the highest quality if the finest jewelry is to be made. While each vibrant piece is hand-fabricated using traditional Nepalese methods, the modern lines and fresh presentation give Stephen Estelle jewelry a signature simple, bold look perfect for daily wear.

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