Diamond and Colored Gemstone Recutting

Oopsy—you chipped your stone. Have no fear. We have the connections, we have the know-how, and we'll treat your gem like it were our own.

our diamond cutter

We are regularly, and without exception wowed by what Maarten does with chipped diamonds--removing far less material than we would think possible. His abilities to breathe new life into poorly-cut diamonds, or to faithfully retain the proper proportions and facet placement on an antique diamond, are second to none.

Maarten is our diamond cutter. We've broken bread with him, we've laughed with him, we've had him to Alara for a visit. He does amazing work.

our lapidarist | colored stone cutter

Does that emerald of yours have beautiful color, but it looks fuzzy? Yeah, that just needs repolishing. And Denton is who does that for us. Most people are blown away by how awesome their repolished gems look after Denton works his magic.