Antique and Estate Jewelry Searches

As a matter of course, Alara has acquired a small collection of estate and antique pieces that are available for sale. These delights have come to occupy some space inside our four walls through various and sundry paths. Sometimes they belong to Babs personally. Sometimes they were part of a Jewelry Box Review session that resulted in Alara taking pieces in trade. Sometimes they were part of an estate purchase. No matter which path, we see too much artistic value in these pieces to just “melt ‘em down.” While not all old jewelry is worthy of preservation, these items are.

Is there a particular piece you are wanting? Maybe your sister got it when grandma passed, and you wish you were the lucky one? Yeah, we might be in a small town, but for Alara the jewelry world is our oyster. We can find you a "replacement" that captures all the mystique and design charm as the original.

More specifically--do you have an antique ring that is missing one or more gems or diamonds, and you want them replaced with ones that are era-appropriate? We are a great source for such stones...again, it comes down to the accumulation of the most professional and respected contacts. 

At the other end--do you own an older piece of jewelry that neither tugs at your heartstrings nor makes you swoon over the design, and you want us to find a buyer for you? We can do that, too.

Some jewelry eras are rife with collectors, but short on supply. Other eras have a dearth of interested buyers, but plenty of available pieces. We have the educational and experiential chops to tell you where your “unwanteds” fall.