Birthday by Zodiac

Do you know your zodiac sign's corresponding birthstone?

Birthstones are special gemstones associated with each month of the year, and there is a special gemstone for each sign of the zodiac as well. Zodiac gemstones make great gifts, and are exciting options when the traditional birthstone isn’t quite right or seems too typical. Because zodiac gemstones are tied to each of the sun signs, they lend additional and impactful meaning to the gift you give or to the piece you gift yourself.

You will notice that some zodiac gemstones echo the monthly birthstones–it’s just that the dates are staggered a bit differently. In that case, if the variety you seek doesn’t present itself, you can always choose a gemstone based on meaning, rather than by zodiac sign. More so that monthly birthstones, zodiac stones are imbued with symbolic meaning that can help you dial in the perfect gift or personal talisman.

Discover the symbolism and meaning behind these beautiful stones by clicking the individual signs below. We have included the dates for each zodiac sign as a helpful guide.