Special Orders


We have the organization and communication skills to take care of your special orders, and we do it for customers all over the world, involving artworks that come from all over the world, as well.

If you fell in love with an item that's marked "learn about special orders," that's your indication that we are out of stock on the item--but also ready, willing, and able to order it in on your behalf. But please know, that any price that is listed is reflective of the price when it last sold--and that metal market can change a price pretty drastically. As an example, palladium has skyrocketed since Winter 2019-2020, and gold shot up during Winter 2021-2022 and Winter 2023-2024.

Special orders are just that--they are ordered and made just for you. First, we confirm pricing and timeframe for you. Then we ask for a 1/2 deposit that is non-refundable (unless we fail to get the item). Coupons and discount codes are not eligible towards special orders or custom orders.

Before you relinquish that deposit, however, we will have already spoken with the designer, and confirmed time frame, shipping costs, final price, etc. 

Special orders are typically not cancelable, because we "hop to it" the moment we receive your deposit...and typically so does the designer.

As things move along, we let you know what's going on as we learn about it. We ask you pay the second half when we contact you to let you know your special order has arrived at our gallery.

Special orders are neither exchangeable nor returnable, so please take due care in placing them. We can assure you we are not interested in having you special order an item on which your questions have not all been answered. If we feel you crossing the "discomfort threshold," we will quite literally ask you to not proceed with the order--for your own sanity.