Professional Jewelry Concierge

What is a Professional Jewelry Concierge?

Obviously, we’re borrowing from the more traditional definition, which is typically in reference to a person at a hotel who assists guests with all manner of reservations, suggestions, and directions. 

As a truly full-service jeweler (of which there are fewer and fewer as time marches on), we offer so many services and products, that even our VIP Frequent Shoppers are surprised on occasion by the “Yes, we do that!” response to their questions that start with…”You don’t happen to _________, do you?

So, while our product offerings are pretty easy to figure out by browsing our website or gallery…our services are harder to “see.” And much like a concierge at a hotel, a Professional Jewelry Concierge is here to provide you with all manner of appointments, suggestions, and directions.

A Professional Jewelry Concierge is someone on our team who specializes in knowing about our services, and they can parse the details of your “problem” to determine which one(s) of those services will get you the results you are hoping for! 

So, not only do we offer you many, many services…we also offer a Concierge to help you know what you need, what you don’t, and how to go about the entire process!

Our Concierge assistance most often revolves around:

  • Quarterly Clean-and-Check Reminders
  • Wish Lists
  • Occasion Reminders and Curated Shopping
  • Jewelry Insurance Guidance
  • Collaborative Design Services 

But there’s more that our Professional Jewelry Concierge can do for you:

  • Corporate Gift Selection
  • Jewelry Warranties (on pieces acquired elsewhere)
  • Non-profit Fundraising Projects
  • Estate Planning (as pertains to fine jewelry)

The easiest way to get started? Sign up for our Quarterly Clean-and-Check reminders! People don’t realize that gem-set jewelry is actually damaged by ever-accumulating dirt and grime. It’s not just unsightly–it actually affects the security of your gems!