Beverly Shear III: Bold and Festive

"You control the amount of spice in your life, during these drab winter months I like to crank up the heat."
-Ms. Beverly Shear III
As if setting a stage, Beverly considers adornment as an embodiment of her personality from day to day.  Sometimes it's how she already feels, on other occasions it's a projection of her desires. Either way, her decor attributes to first impressions, and why not make that be fabulous.
She has a way of making a walk on the wild side, a walk in the park.  In the evenings, you'll find her scouting out any live jazz paired with a dirty martini or taking latin dance classes to stay in shape for her next get-away. 
What special piece has she been ogling?  
The Masriera 18k yellow gold and enamel snake ring.
Items as featured: vintage Andrew Clune coral necklace- please call the store for inquiries 406.522.8844, Amali turquoise and blue diamond 18k earrings, Oressence 18k die-struck cuff, Masriera 18k blue enamel snake ring
Photos by ciara easterling

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