By Design: Belle Brooke

By Design: Belle Brooke

Introducing artists to people is one of our favorite parts of the job here at Alara Jewelry, and our new "By Design" series will showcase one of our (over 60!) designers whose artisan jewels we carry, from all over the world. Our appreciation for craftsmanship begins here in the US in New Mexico, with artist Belle Brooke.

Taking her inspiration from higher spheres, Belle would be at home here in Bozeman. A skier, runner, yogi, and jeweler, she follows in her great-grandfather's artisan roots by crafting amazing jewelry out of recycled metals and diamonds. A child of the internet generation, she believes in "leaving more behind than our digital footprint," and supporting the creation and appreciation of handmade objects. 

The winner of 2019's AGTA Spectrum Awards Gem Diva Award, Belle currently balances nature, art, and life in Santa Fe. To be grounded in the power of the circle is one of her key tenets, present in many of her pieces, and inspiring the wearer to find order in the asymmetry and organization from within. 

Tiny, bubble-like circles contrast with strong curvilinear outlines, while the dance of diamonds throughout the piece creates dynamic movement.

Harmony and wholeness of self, yin and yang, inspire the two-tone bright 18K yellow gold and matte oxidized sterling silver in her Miele collection.

Above and below, the Sevilla Chandelier pendant features a beautiful, recycled and fair-trade grey rose-cut diamond, crafted from all recycled metals.

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