Chantell: Sexy Girl Next Door

Chantell: Sexy Girl Next Door


"I think my style is cute, but... the girls are making me be sexy." 

Which is exactly what makes her sexy:  she has no idea.  On any given day, whether she's at work or going to  brunch at her regular Sunday spot (a special place - I swore to secrecy), chances are she has her string of Barbi C. pearls around her neck.  Freshwater pearls on dirty leather that Barbi topped off with a Tahitian at the end "just 'cuz".

The piece she is dreaming about?  The Rebecca Overmann east-west Yogo sapphire ring.  It's modern, understated, and would make the perfect addition to her every day wardrobe. 

High End Fashion Jewelry and Wonder Woman

Her favorite superhero: Storm - she controls the weather (although she is partial to Wonder Woman).

Featured designers: Barbi C. Freshwater pearl necklace.  Rebecca Overmann Yogo sapphire ring.  Items in store, please call 406.522.8844 for inquiries.  

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