Everything Autumn

Everything Autumn

Here at Alara, we're falling... for fall.
Celebrate the season with fall hues that compliment your coziest sweater, dark mani-pedi, and pumpkin spiced... everything! From mountain aspen leaves shimmering brightly against the bold blue October sky, to stately maples and mountain ash spreading riotous rust with abandon, the colors of fall are a sight to behold. 
So, at this time when the trees with a sigh give up a whole summer and create a glittering farewell to a season, the classic visual symbol of fall - the leaf - is everywhere to behold, whether in motion, floating to the ground, tumbling along grass, or as yet clinging to its father tree. In addition to being a classic symbol of autumn, it is also symbolic of longevity and strength. 
From humble beginnings, the oak leaf is captured in all its simplicity of form in Sarah Graham's striking 18K yellow gold, brilliant diamond pavé, and matte black cobalt chrome. This ring's oak leaves are scattered through the night skies and blown by fortune to come to rest here, on the hand, and bring fall's rustle of change to your ears, as well. You can wear your symbolism and love of fall boldly, year-round, with Sarah Graham's oak leaf jewelry collection.
As Montana celebrates the season with high-altitude parades of honking geese, frost from the rivers in a shimmering mist rising ghost-like from the spectacular foliage, and fall's golden harvest stacked high in grain elevators, reaped fields, and barns across the state, its people settle into a comfortable coziness brought on by a slowing of speed and the lowering of light, a reprieve after summer's frenetic flowering.

Rose gold bracelet with yellow and orange sapphiresWearing a classic rose gold bracelet set with Montana Sapphires in hues of orange and yellow will contrast your new cozier, darker palette of clothing or accent a festive fall dress. 

What is it about fall that makes us crave the rustic, weathered textures; to be more forgiving of form and just to revel in smell of wood smoke that opens and closes our days; the earthy red that captures our attention during our daily rituals, demanding notice, praise, and reminding us of the beauty to be found in the ordinary things, the low things? 
So much color that we are gorged on it, a fabulous assault that aims to dizzy, to distract, and ultimately to make us remember, through the long mountain winter, the image of this temporary time that burned so bright...
Rose gold and rose cut diamond engagement ring
If your love of the perfectly imperfect extends to your jewelry, this 14 karat rose-gold ring from Julie Romanenko houses a shining white rose-cut diamond that radiates light from its large facets around the asymmetric bezel with its incomplete halo of white diamonds. Heavy texture along the shank adds to the natural appeal of this simple, unusual design.

Warm your heart and hands and showcase the natural autumnal hues of tan, sienna, burnt umber, rust, and rose. Jewelry for this season and every season.

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