Repurposed. Beauty.

Repurposed. Beauty.

"Realize what you really want. 

It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold."


--William Moulton Marston (1893 - 1947), was an American psychologist, lawyer, inventor, advocate for women, writer, and comic book writer who created the character Wonder Woman.

Decorating the human form with objects of beauty goes back to the beginning of our wanderings on earth. Unfortunately, the desire to decorate the human form with jewels of precious metal is so strong, that we are ruining the planet in order to do so.
But that is completely unnecessary. 
You can satisfy your warrior princess yearnings for a bauble you love, without harming Mother Earth. Find a custom jeweler who will refine your old precious metals, and recycle them into new beauty.  If today's budget doesn't allow for that, find a jeweler who only makes eco-friendly jewelry AND who buys precious metal from the public.  That way, you can trade in your gold towards sustainable jewelry, and your metal will, in turn, be recycled as well.  
Express your style. Love your planet.
And when you sit down with your custom jeweler, bring all your jewelry castoffs. All of them. There is no judgment. It's all getting melted down. 
Below is an example of how the best ideas can be the result of a nosy jeweler noticing something being "held back."  Sure, the recycle pile had lots of nifty white diamonds in it. Always good to repurpose those. But, what's that, hiding in her hand? Two more pieces, not being offered up.
"Oh, they're nothing. You don't want to use these, do you?"
Set in icky gold mountings, under a serious layer of schmutz...were pink sapphires of various shades. I could already smell how sparkly and pretty they would be.  And I knew they really  needed to be arranged in a bubble ring, which is now a going-on-two-decades classic in my repertoire. But no two have ever been the same, and never will be.
The design took shape. We were both excited. This repurposed beauty happily decorates a finger.

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