Thia: Earthy Artisan

Thia: Earthy Artisan

Ah, summer gardening in Montana.
The texture and feel of natural fibers, woven finely, grown comfortable. Pieces that are not destined to be dated to a specific place or year--tied to time only through her memories and her active wearing. Thia's classic, nature-based jewelry style defies time and seeks other eras; wanders the world in search of the missing half of a split gem; sends waves of its aura radiating out like layers in malachite or the ripples of tiny gold halos rendered in gold.  Handmade, and precious because of it.  The soul of the artist is partly present in his or her works, and elevates the simplest jewelry beyond the merely physical.  

Finding this meaning, and hearing the call of color, design, and material, is something Thia excels at, from her personal artwork and photography, to her work with Alara guests...helping to decipher their needs, and telling their stories through jewelry.  



Color and material can impact your world; weighty as gravity or as transcendent as the clouded sky. Thia's daily communes with nature-- hiking, walking, and gardening--have influenced Thia's jewelry and clothing aesthetic, chosen for both beauty and purpose.
[above, Thia's series of "Seasons" photos]
"Choosing the pieces and stories that speak to you, and then carrying them with you as you journey through this world, is the true definition of style."   
Thia's style is classic, natural fabrics, Montana seasonal eclectic, and the timeless beauty of artisan-crafted jewelry.
What's captured her attention lately:
One-of-a-kind pearls, in a setting with a story, made by master craftspeople.
William Henry Damascus Steel Knife with a Blue Spruce Pine cone handle.

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