Cushion Cut Diamond

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

If you're not so conversant with types of diamond rings, you may end up buying just any. However, for a meaningful engagement, you need to consider not only the color, carat, and clarity but also the cut of the diamond ring. One design that has gained massive popularity recently is the cushion cut diamond. This popularity is owed to the fact that cushion cut diamonds are classy and cheaper than round cut diamonds. 


What Are Cushion Cut Diamonds?

This is a diamond in the shape of a soft square or rectangle with smooth curved edges and corners. Precisely, it is a blend of an old mine diamond cut and a modern round brilliant cut diamond.

Cushion cut diamonds are the perfect choice for engagement rings or just some classy fashion pieces.

Tips to Buy Cushion Cut Diamonds

Buy Color Grade H or Better

Unless you intend to set it in a fancy colored ring such as yellow or rose gold, ensure you stick to color H or better when choosing a cushion cut diamond. This is because cushion cut diamonds are poor at retaining color.

Choose SI1 or SI2 Clarity

It may be hard to find a clear cushion cut diamond considering they have large open tables. If you want cushion cut diamonds with good clarity, stick to SI1 or SI2. Take note that you will have to pay a bit more for extra clarity. Besides clarity, you should also consider the length and width ratio, polish, symmetry, and carat weight of a diamond. 

Final Thoughts

Given the wide variety of diamonds in the market, it may be difficult for you to choose the right engagement ring without help. The good news is that at Alara Jewelry, we are ready to help you get the diamond that suits your needs and budget. For high-quality cushion cut diamonds, contact us today.

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