Chi Galatea

Chi Galatea

Chi Galatea Huynh grew up in Vietnam and apprenticed in his revered father’s jewelry shop, where he learned the discipline, skill, and dignity needed to create exceptional designer jewelry. Now based in San Dimas, CA, Chi Galatea gains his inspiration from the miraculous forms within the natural world. As if emerging from an oneiric aquatic realm, his carved pearl earring, ring, and pendant designs have an arrestingly beautiful balance of detail, craftsmanship and unsurpassed ingenuity. Specializing in carved and inlaid pearl jewelry as well as intricate metal work, his materials glisten with their own natural incandescent beauty. As if dripping with the healing waters of the sea, his one of a kind pearl jewelry designs inspire joy and tranquility.

Babs often describes Chi as “the mad scientist of the jewelry world.” In addition to designing pieces of such beauty, he is an innovator in so many ways. He holds more patents related to jewelry design than any living person. So, not only are his designs original--but the very techniques used to create them are innovative advancements in the field of jewelry craft.

And on top of all that--he’s a very lovely person with a soul that shines through.

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