Yosh Olfactory

Yosh Olfactory

Yosh Fragrances is the sophisticated and delightful brainchild of San Francisco perfumer Yosh Han. Unlike more traditional French-inspired perfumers, Yosh creates vibrational artisanal scents that align with her love of new age spirituality and are far less stuffy than their French counterparts. She draws on numerology, Chakra, and energy vibrations to concoct fresh scents that meld a laid-back, modernist California fashion with refined sophistication. Tapping into the healing powers of essential oils, Yosh fragrances are created to balance moods and emotions. Yosh uses the world's finest quirky and unexpected intermingling ingredients, like basil, ginger, layers of black coconut and Kenya lily to create unique, intriguing scents that surprise and delight the wearer. She is an artist and olfaction is her medium.

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