Wedding Ring Extravaganza | 15% off In-Stock and Special-Order Loose Diamonds

best prices on loose diamonds at alara jewelry bozeman montana

Your Best Savings on Loose Diamonds in the State of Montana

No, we don't show our loose diamonds online at this time. But boy, do we have 'em!

If you want to enjoy our 15% discount during the Wedding Ring Extravaganza from April 6th through 14th, and you are unable to make it into the gallery, please just drop us a line at, and we will email/text you a link so you can sign up for a personal 30-minute Guided Diamond Selection in-person meeting or videocall on Google Meet, and we'll share our screen with you as we find a beauty or two that aligns with your dreams!

You can watch as we select only the most stringent particulars regarding cut, and all of your specifications regarding everything else! Our regular prices show on-screen, and then you deduct 15%. We do ask for an additional $60 up front, to cover shipping to us. Your diamond will arrive to us within 3 to 10 days, depending upon the source.

P.S. We only mark up our 3/4-carat and larger diamonds no more than 20% to begin with, so this is a unique opportunity to get a diamond at "cost plus!"

No Jeweler in Montana Has the Diamond Variety Alara Offers