Small Batch Artisanal Jewelry

Aesthetically, our curated collection exhibits a vast array of styles. But there is one thing that all our 70+ designers share: none produce McJewelry.


Small Production. Artisanal. Innovative.

Whether the styling has a "hammered and handmade" feel; or there's an innovative feature that's patented; or there are exquisite details that can only be executed by a person working with joy, not in a mass-production factory; or it's made using technology, but only once you order it, and it's made especially for you...

Those are the ties that bind our collection together. And those are the features that assure you interesting, fascinating, don't-see-it-on-every-street-corner kind of jewelry.  Exactly the kind of personal adornment you want to give as a gift or wear yourself.

To fill a gallery with the work of 70+ artisans is no small feat. But it is a labor of love, and we believe that shines through on your first spin through our gallery or website.


Award-winners.  Mentored talent.  New on the scene. Multi-generational excellence.  Collaborators. Long-time friends. 

In the great many cases, we are beyond business partners with our designers. We are friends. We've broken bread together, we've shared a toast or two, we've banged out new business concepts. Which means, we work together closely, often in a way that brings exclusive and one-of-a-kind artworks into Alara.

Whether they are accustomed to garnering accolades and awards, or are a current or former team member who is looking for career direction, or a talented upstart acquiring their first account, or a design house of historic excellence, or patent-holding innovators...all really amazing people.

Our designers are on-board with using the same quality of precious metals we use, and likewise participate in the Kimberley Process through careful selection of suppliers.

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