Diamond and Gem Consultation

Internet info getting you confused?
Your friends have conflicting advice?
Want to get the real low-down on conflict-free, environmentally friendly, or free trade diamonds?
Would you like to learn all about your diamond options, including patented ideal-cut diamonds or enhanced diamonds?
Do you want to talk to a real person?

We don't blame folks for being skeptical. There sure are a lot of varying opinions on diamonds and gems; and if you're gathering that information from folks who are actually trying to sell you the stuff, you should expect there to be a conflict of interest.

So, we offer something that comes with no strings attached, because you will pay us for it.

For the same hourly fee as our jewelry appraisal services, you can set an appointment with a graduate gemologist for a consultation on diamonds and/or colored gemstones. At the end of the appointment, we won't even ask if you want to buy your diamond from us!

This is great for the person who is seeking as much information as possible, without having to read volumes on the topic. Imagine boiling down two years of gemological training to those tidbits of info that will actually be the most useful to you. Obviously, you still won't possess the knowledge of a Graduate Gemologist, but you can certainly garner the information that best suits you.