Top Rated Gemstones in Bozeman, MT

Each Gemstone is hand-selected by us from one of our direct mining or cutting connections in the Montana sapphire world. We are well-versed and knowledgeable as to what's available market-wide. We literally peruse thousands of Montana sapphires in order to select the ones for our collection, with a focus on fine or interesting color and quality cuts, to ensure that our Montana sapphires are worthy of our clients.

Gemstones in bozeman


Uniquely elegant & affordable, our brilliant fine jewelry is created with gemstones, with varied styles to fit varied lifestyles. Crafted either in our own studio using recycled gold, or collaboratively designed with one of our 70 designers, all of our gemstone jewelry is carefully crafted to the highest standards to produce the most spectacular results.

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Gemstones  in bozeman

LOOSE Gemstones in bozeman

Browse our spectacular collection of high-quality loose Gemstones in every shape and carat weight, including hard-to-find larger carat stones and a full range of unique gemstones shapes. We promise that you will never overpay on a high-quality Gemstone

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