the alara shop dog

ida bijoux

Our hardest-working team member, Ida is a French Barbet, which is an ancient and rare breed. She's a little shy, a little goofy, a huge chair thief...and she happily works for treats.

Alara and Bozeman through the eyes of ida

She's seen the weird silliness that her co-workers and visitors exhibit.

And she's willing to spill the tea.

bozeman in march

Just a Ski Dog in a Ski Town

When I'm not sleeping in a chair at Alara, I'm cross-country skiing with my besties, Sarah and Tui and all these other people and dogs that are of no consequence to me.

[Don't tell my mom, but I'm in love with Tui.]

luckiest dog in the world

Can you BELIEVE how gorgeous all the cross-country skiing is here?

I must have been a very good human in a previous life.


I don't mind pulling up the rear. As long as my boyfriend, Tui, is right in front of me.

Thanks, Sarah, for getting the Best Covid Puppy ever!

Bozeman in February

galentine's is great. . . love my bitches!

Mommy makes sure we have all kinds of Galentine's Gals coming in to get their ears pierced at the Annual Galentine's Piercing Party! Woo-hoo!

It's fun to allow the celebrants to pet me so they can be less anxious!

sign up for next year

Where is My Mommy? it's so cold here.

Miss Jaye and Miss Izzy are watching me while Mommy is away.

But no one will take me outside.

Ida sad.

i miss skiing. . . . and My friend, tui.

I'm so lucky to have so much skill with my paws, that I can text my mom while she's away!

Cracking the passcode is definitely the hardest part.


there's always bubbles afoot at alara


Put me in a silly New Year's hat, force me to pose by a flute of champagne, and then get Rembrandt to paint me.

I know I'm a princess, but...seriously?

I give kisses. . . when I steal chairs!

There's so much chatter about how I steal the green rolling chairs at Alara. I understand this can be frustrating for my co-workers.

But I'm willing to make up for it in slobber. Here's Kaycee getting a face full!

my boyfriend sucks up to my mom on her birthday

As if I weren't the greatest gift in my mom's life, Tui just had to bring my momma a gift on her birthday. Golden retrievers are such suck-ups. Phooey.

Mom's a Capricorn. And let's just say I like goats that swim.

Bozeman in december


All the people. Needing all the things. All the time. All month.

It's exhausting.

On top of everything else, mom made me sit with a guy named Salvador for a portrait. He's kinda a pain. But a genius . . . or so I hear.

The inhumanity of christmas stroll

Why? Why? Why?

I'm French. This is insulting.

I don't care how cute I look.


Another outfit, another reason to hide in a chair.

December ArtWalk is apparently another flimsy excuse to make me wear a ridiculous dress. These are not Pantone colors of the year, so it seems I'm worthy of less attention than the jewelry.

Bah. Humbug.