Montana Sapphire Roundtable Event

Alara Montana Sapphire Roundtable

A gemstone roundtable is your opportunity to hold (and behold!) about 100 fine gems over the course of a fun evening. You have the opportunity to place "dibs" on the sapphires and optionally purchase them at a 20% discount.

Being held in the Alara Atelier located in the Jacob's Crossing Building at 424 E Main in Downtown Bozeman, you will be heartily greeted and guided to our beverage table and then to your seat.

Your "placesetting" will be complete with a personal gem pad, and equipped with a loupe, gem cloth, and cotton glove, as well as pen and paper for you to keep notes and to allow us to doodle design ideas on the spot.

 We start by teaching everyone how to properly and professionally open a "stone paper," how to handle gemstones, and how to use a loupe.

Then, each person is handed their first special stone! Everyone opens their papers together, and starts "oohing" and "aahing." If you hold a stone you can't bear to pass up, you can purchase immediately. Otherwise, you can place a "dib" on a stone (y'know, like "first dibs" when you were a kid?), and it gets passed along. Others can place a "second dib," "third dib," etc. as it heads around the room. If it makes it all the way through, the person who has the "first dib" on the stone gets first right of refusal to purchase, and so on. All purchases at a 20% discount!

multi sapphire ring by b noelle Over the past 20 years, Hudson & Company has amassed one of the largest collections of Montana sapphires available.  They process and cut well over 5,000 carats of sapphire each year, and they are Alara's premier Montana sapphire supplier. 

Ronda and Bob Tallerico from Hudson & Company will be our special roundtable guests. During the evening, Hudson & Company will present 100 of their finest stones.  This curated collection of brilliant Montana sapphires is sure to delight and fact, Ronda has been "holding back" stones just to bring to this special event! 

Colors you haven't seen; sizes you may not have imagined; interesting cuts; the rare, the weird, and the stunning. Most between $1,500 and $3,500; with a total price range spanning $300 to $21K.

20 Seats for Sapphire Roundtable at Alara
  • $50 Alara Gift Card for each attendee to use whenever*, including at the Sapphire Roundtable (*expires in one year)
  • Wine from Vino Per Tutti and/or sparkling water
  • Your own stone cloth, loupe, hand sanitizer, hand moisturizer, pad & pen
  • All the fun you can handle
  • Bragging rights
Ready to Purchase Sapphire Roundtable Seats

purchase seats buttonWe have 20 seats available total. 

No refunds for inability to attend...sorry.

[But you still get the $50 Alara Gift Card for $ that ain't bad!]

Lets Play Sapphires Together