Sell Us Your Jewels

Fine jewelry has an unusual attribute compared to so many consumer goods...because of the materials used, there is intrinsic value to it. As a consequence, jewelry is often a possession that folks will trade in towards new jewelry they prefer, or just outright sold for cash to spend on other things entirely.

If you are considering selling your jewelry, gems, or diamonds, here are some important things to know, so that you are prepared for the bid you will receive:

in most, but not all situations, a jeweler will base their bid on

the meltdown value of the precious metal (minus refining fees)

less-than-wholesale value of the diamonds and gems 

in some situations, particularly if the jeweler already has enough of what you're selling, the offer will be lower.

in some situations, particularly if the jeweler already has a customer in mind for one or more of your pieces, the offer will be a bit higher

in even fewer situations, particularly if something is in mint condition and has collectible value, a jeweler will bid even more

i have an appraisal--how will your bid compare?

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