Unsure About Your Jewelry Insurance Needs?

Jewelry insurance is something we highly recommend. But, most people tend to "set it and forget it"--and that's not in your best interest. We are here to help.

  • Has it been longer than 3 years since you've had your jewelry re-appraised?
  • Have you moved to a different state or county than you were in when you last had your jewelry appraised?
  • Have you acquired jewelry that is not currently appraised and insured?

While most jewelry insurance companies claim that they like to receive updated jewelry appraisals every three years or so (some say two years), they don't tend to remind you about it. Due to changes in market values, you can find yourself woefully underinsured if your insurance company is relying upon an appraisal older than three years.

Jewelry values actually vary with location, so a move to a different state makes reappraisal a must; and in many states, a move to a different county will trigger the same need. In addition to values varying with location, so does sales tax, which is typically also included in your appraisal.


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Jewelry Insurance Concierge Alara Bozeman

 Do you want to learn a little more about jewelry insurance in advance (or in lieu) of our phone call? Read our informative blog post here.