6 Reasons Why Pearls Are the Perfect Bridal Accessory

6 Reasons Why Pearls Are the Perfect Bridal Accessory

Pearls are always appropriateJackie Kennedy

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 Diamonds may be a girl's best friend and they certainly have an entrancing sparkle. But if you’re looking for something a little different, pearls are also the perfect bridal companion. If you want wedding jewelry that’s more subtle yet still luxurious, pearls are an exceptional choice. They have an air of elegance to them, are understated yet ooze glamour, and are exceptionally sophisticated. Plus, they look great against any skin tone, and they don’t just come in white! 

Still not sure if pearls are right for your wedding day? These Six reasons are sure to convince you.

Pearls Are A Symbol Of Purity, Elegance & Grace

Much like wearing a white dress when you tie the knot, pearls have always symbolized purity. These gems are a symbol of eternal love and protection, so they fit in well at a wedding. They may be small gems, but they hold a lot of very special meanings.

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Pearls also have a certain regal element to them that’s associated with wealth and royalty. They’re guaranteed to make brides feel elegant and important when walking down the aisle.

Throughout history, some of the world's most famous women have donned pearls for their wedding day. Queen Elizabeth II wore pearls for her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947, while Jackie Kennedy wore a single-strand pearl necklace when she wed JFK. Grace Kelly and Princess Diana wore pearls on their respective wedding days, too.

 Pearls Are A Jewelry Trend That’s Also Timeless

Diamonds and pearls have something more in common—they never go out of fashion. While the way they’re worn, their settings and the styles may change, they always look absolutely stunning and they remain highly sought after. They exude an elegance that spans decades, and they’ll add that same feeling to your big day.

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Pearls are also durable if looked after correctly, so you’ll have a piece of jewelry that you can wear for years, and even pass down to the next generation. Who knows? The pearls you wear when getting married may get worn by your daughter or daughter-in-law years later. It’s this timeless quality that makes them such a special gem and ensures they are always ultra-chic.


 Pearls Are Easy To Incorporate Into Your Bridal Look

Pearls are not only versatile and easy to incorporate into your bridal look, but they can also be customized to suit your personal style. They go well with classic or contemporary gowns, vintage dresses, or even a more bohemian look. 

If you’re drawn to the more traditional style of pearls, then a pearl necklace and earrings are a wonderful choice. Alternatively, you can have pearls sewn onto your dress, shoes, or veil to add a little bit of wow factor, or you can wear them in your hair, either threaded through or on a comb.

Another great way to incorporate pearls is in your bridal bouquet. You can have a pearl dotting the center of every flower, strands of pearls that cascade downwards, or pearls wrapped around the base to accentuate the part of the bouquet you’ll hold.

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Just like diamonds come in a range of impressive hues, pearls don't only come in white either. If you want to add a splash of soft pink, gray, or even black, you’ll find pearls in these colors.

 Pearls Are A Classic Gift, Especially for Weddings

The traditions and customs of a wedding day differ between every family, race, culture, and background. But in many different cultures, it’s customary for the groom to give his wife-to-be a piece of pearl jewelry. This jewelry has special significance as it marks the start of a new life together.

Many women have chosen to turn this idea on its head and gift their groom pearl jewelry too. Yes, men can wear pearls! Think of wedding accessories like pearl studded cufflinks or a watch with a tiny pearl embedded on the watch's face.

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Another common custom is for the bride's mother-in-law to gift her pearls. These may be a new set or a family heirloom that's passed down.

However they’re received and whatever form they take, the sentimentality and meaning behind pearls as a wedding gift make them perfect for wearing on such a special day. 

Pearls are Infused With Rich Folklore, History & Legend

Folklore says that wearing pearls on your wedding day will lead to happiness. The ancient Greeks were the first people to connect pearls and a happy marriage in the legend of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

Legend has it that Cleopatra wanted to show Marc Anthony how wealthy she was and how much she loved him. To prove her point, she dissolved a rare and priceless pearl in her wine. Not something we’d recommend, but that’s quite a declaration!

This story evolved over time to the belief that any bride wearing pearls on her wedding day would have a healthy and harmonious marriage.

However, there are some superstitions that say that because a pearl is shaped like a teardrop, wearing pearls on your wedding day brings tears. Rumor has it that this superstition was dreamed up by diamond companies that wanted brides to wear their gems instead!

In some cultures, it’s believed that wearing a teardrop-shaped pearl on your wedding day stops the bride from weeping with emotion. They say that by wearing pearls, you ensure a lifetime of joy with your future spouse. This is a tradition that’s still practiced by brides who don’t want to be overcome with emotion and who want a tear-free marriage.

There are also stories of wearing pearls on your wedding day stemming from Chinese culture. Chinese legend says that if you’re lucky enough to receive pearls on your wedding day, you’ll be protected from fire, which they believe can come in many forms. In this culture, pearls are also a gift of wisdom—something that every marriage will benefit from.

 Pretty In Pearls

As you can see, pearls are a wonderful way to make an elegant statement. We love the idea of the luster of pearls adding something special to your big day, and the fact that pearls are so versatile makes them a win in our book, too.

If you love the idea and sentimentality behind pearls, wear them at your wedding. You’ll be in excellent company.


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