Who, Me? Buy Fine Jewelry For Myself?

Babs Noelle

Statistics can certainly be dull. But, there are some numbers (and the jewelry industry loves to compile them) I fin...

Diamond Myths: Yes, You Can Break Them!

Michael Webb

Diamonds have symbolized eternal love for hundreds of generations. Love so pure and unbreakable that only a diamond c...

Finding You an Ethically Sourced Diamond

Babs Noelle

How does one begin to find and purchase an ethically-sourced diamond? The first step is finding a guide to navigate y...

"My Sister Says I Should Get This Appraised..."

Babs Noelle

What is an appraisal? An appraisal is an expert, educated, professional, and thoughtful estimate of the value of some...

Amethyst: The Legendary February Birthstone

Michael Webb

Amethyst has been adorned for hundreds of years, but it wasn't always worn for looks. The word amethyst originates fr...

What is a Sweater Necklace?

Babs Noelle

Here in Bozeman, sweaters are a fact of life about half the year. Since we find ourselves garbed in "warm cozies" so ...

Choosing the Right Metal to Wear

Michael Webb

It may not surprise you that there are certain metals that look better on you than others, but why is it that someone...

Everything Autumn

Dream Broker

Here at Alara, we're falling... for fall. Celebrate the season with fall hues that compliment your coziest sweater...

Protecting the Family Jewels

Babs Noelle

Oh, my. The jewelry repairs we get. The bent-over prong accompanied by, "But I wasn't doing ANYTHING!"    So, let's g...
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