What is a Sweater Necklace?

Here in Bozeman, sweaters are a fact of life about half the year. Since we find ourselves garbed in "warm cozies" so much, we Bozemanites like to temper that necessity with interesting style...which often means more thought has to go into choosing jewelry worn on the neck. 


Cowl neck sweaters kerfuffle many a self-styler when trying to select jewelry, since the cowl itself is such a focal point. So, consider using the fabric of the cowl as a soft "frame" for a bold, glitzy, or architectural pendant. The contrast between metal and stone with a soft textile creates visual interest while still allowing you to shine.

 Thin turtlenecks look great when paired with a delicate, yet dramatic gold chain. Once again, bear in mind the actual volume of the turtleneck--you most likely will not be able to wear your shortest "summer" necklace on the outside of it. 

Whereas summer casual-wear invites a near carelessness in jewelry selection, sweater-weather means taking more into account. 


The key is to think of your sweater's neckline and overall bulk. For instance, thicker sweaters do not stand up well to dainty choices, but rather need the counterpoint of greater length and/or bulk than something thinner. And on the former point, a high crew neck requires either a dog-collar style (a reference to the fact that it sits somewhere along the length of one's neck, as opposed to resting at its base); or a princess-length style (18 to 20 inches) which will still appear short over a sweater, but isn't so short that it just hides underneath. 

Check the length of a necklace with a specific sweater--what works with one won't necessarily work with another. Experiment with your pairings--because the game is different in sweater season, even though your jewelry remains the same.

A slouchy, off-the-shoulder sweater needs a larger pendant to anchor it. Choose pieces that are a bit larger, have some weight, and are on the longer side for an easy-breezy, effortless style. 








A delicate slip dress with a chunky long cardigan paired with a handmade, rustic-urban bolo tie is a fabulous combination of materials and textures. 







The same outfit is transformed by wearing a lariat-style leather and pearl necklace to continue the modern western streak that is casual, yet elegant. To switch it up even more, this necklace can be worn either long or looped around your neck. 


As you can see from these last few photos, there is one great necklace feature that looks amazing with nearly all sweaters....and that is, something long. Long and lovely. Whether a large open link (so, not heavy--but rather, occupying the right amount of space against a bulky top), a long chain with one or more substantial pendants, a bolo, or a leather-and-pearl wrap necklace that's not at all "wrapped," long necklaces are the ultimate sweater necklaces

Stop on by and have our team help you find the perfect necklace to go with your favorite sweaters. Because sweaters and necklaces go together like marshmallows and hot cocoa.

Here's our current collection of sweater necklaces.

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