Three Ways: Circle Necklace

The circle necklace is designed by our very own Babs Noelle.  With an idea to update the classic solitaire, she found a  balance between casual and holding a presence.  She started with a diamond.  
And so we start with the first of the "three ways"... layered.  Because of the way Babs constructs the circle necklaces, it works very well layered with other necklaces.  It won't overpower a tinier necklace, but it occupies enough space so that it has its own importance.  Here's Chantell sporting a white gold diamond circle necklace, accented above by a daintier three-diamond necklace in yellow gold by Zoe Chicco; and further accented by a long delicate chain with occasional diamond accents.

The next generation of circle necklace came about when Babs thought closer to home, making a variation with Yogo Sapphires.
Here's Tori sporting a limited edition Circle Necklace 2.0, featuring a dangling, carved Yogo sapphire leaf.  Although delicate and worn on its own per Tori's personal style, it still makes a style statement.  Yogos are especially lovely worn with denim or chambray, as Tori does here...
And we cannot forget the Montana sapphires for those of us wanting a pop of color!  Babs is tall and busty, and so tends to favor larger pieces in keeping with her overall "Queen Bee" look, so she's wearing a significant drusy agate piece by Amali.  But the yellow gold and green Montana sapphire circle necklace complements it nicely, and is completely up to the task of being paired with a far larger pendant style.
As a final note, Babs is happy to make you a bespoke circle necklace, using a diamond or gem you already have!  If the size of the stone drifts above a certain size, the style needs to be altered slightly, but the overall effect is still classic and casual.

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