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Love a deal? How about a steal?

These artworks are awesome! They just don't have any "friends" to hang out with. With the way our gallery is set up, we show artworks in collections. Once those collections get too "thin," we just have a tough time displaying some very beautiful items.

See something you like? Be sure to ask any questions you have in advance, and then...make us an offer, even a crazy one!

"How do I make an offer?"

  • Click on a specific item from this collection that you like.
  • Wait a few seconds for the "Make Us An Offer" button to show up under the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Input your offer price in the resulting pop-up.
  • You'll learn within 15 seconds if your offer is rejected, countered, or accepted.
  • If it's accepted, you purchase for that price + shipping.*** 

Good luck, and please help us say "Good-bye to old friends."

[***We will honor only 2 accepted offer guesses on any one item. (Yes, we can see what you do :-)  Any guess past a second guess may be rejected by Alara. Accepted offers cannot be stacked with other discounts or coupon codes. If an additional discount is applied or coupon code is accepted at checkout, that is a system glitch, and therefore Alara reserves the right to not complete the sale at the additionally discounted price; but you, as buyer can either pay the agreed-upon negotiated price (without additional discount), or withdraw your offer.]

35 products

35 products