Lampblack by Bruno Fazzolari
Bruno Fazzolari

Lampblack by Bruno Fazzolari


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Originally crafted with the soot from oil burning lamps, this fragrance is perfect for an evening of sophisticated cocktails, autumn evenings, or chance encounters in the city.

Inspired by the smell of ink, Lampblack combines light and shadow to conjure an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement. Sweet orange, bitter grapefruit, and crisp black pepper illuminate a smoky, slightly industrial ink accord of nagarmotha, oud, earthy vetiver, and leather.

Awarded four stars by Luca Turin, Lampblack was the break-out fragrance for Bruno Fazzolari. 

Nose notes: sweet orange, black pepper, bitter grapefruit, nagarmotha, benzoin, vetiver, inky notes

Size: 30ml