Aaron Henry

Aaron Henry

Aaron Henry Designs is recognized for its nature-inspired details, collectable pieces, and American Luxury Craftsmanship. His pieces have subtle texturing, lifelike details and an innovative composition!

Aaron Furlong was born in California, and can be found walking beaches in Malibu, exploring Santa Monica, & dining in San Francisco.  He has a Graduate Gemologist Degree from GIA and also a Bachelor of Arts from UC Davis... Go Aggies! His inventive design is inspired from his travels all around the world. Who wouldn't be influenced by the natural beauty of places like Japan, Montana and Arizona?

His evolution as a master jeweler has grown exponentially over the years. He is the third generation in a family of jewelers and diamond merchants. 

The company has a deep concern for the environment, which is reflected in many details of how the company is run. Their dedication to keeping their environmental impact low is demonstrated through their waste processing and by recycling gold. It is a part of their business and philosophy. 

With understated elegance, Aaron Henry Designs are versatile pieces created from a mix of metals, including platinum, 19K & 18K gold. All diamonds and gemstones are responsibly sourced.  Each artistic design is truly a classy addition to any fine jewelry collection! 

" There are no short-cuts when creating exceptional jewelry; it is an involved and labor-intensive process." - Aaron Henry Designs 


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