Alex Sepkus

Alex Sepkus


Off-Beat. Oddball. Eccentric. All of these terms could be used to describe the artist Alex Sepkus, and indeed many of them have. To call the man ordinary would be false, to call his jewelry designs ordinary would be blasphemy.

A native of Vilnius, Lithuania, Alex Sepkus was surrounded by art at an early age: his father was a well-respected architect, and his grandfather was a painter. That influence granted him a deep understanding and high regard for balance, beauty, and precision. After earning a graduate degree in industrial design, he found his path to metalsmithing, and began developing a style that was extraordinarily unconventional,  With his shop set up in New York City, Sepkus began attracting attention.

His designs evoke the feel of ancient treasures, Byzantine churches, the paintings of Gustav Klimt. Crafted in 18K gold and platinum, adorned with rainbow-hued gemstones and diamond, they are rich and bold, archaic, yet at the same time, dizzyingly modern in composition. Sepkus has an unending fascination with the minutiae of design, each piece a world unto itself with elaborate microscopic textures and patterns. They are things to be held, to behold, and to wear as personal artworks.

Alara has the distinct privilege of working collaboratively with Alex Sepkus, who creates a palette of his original designs with our Yogo sapphires and Montana sapphires--making us the first and only jeweler to offer his work with these magical gems.

Babs has had the rare experience of actually conversing with Mr. Sepkus--a man not known for being gregarious. She is always delighted to receive his annual holiday card, which features an art photo by Alex himself.

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