Stylistically different, conceptually similar. The story of Bagués and Masriera is that of two family brands created separately, but that now work side-by-side.

Half of Bagués-Masriera, a two-family artisanal jewelry dynasty that came together in 1985, Bagués has its independent beginnings in 1917, when Josep Bagués i Bagués set up shop in Barcelona. In 1950 he opened his Barcelona flagship store in the famous modernist building, Casa Amatller...and that store is still there today.

Rooted in traditional techniques and training, the Bagués line is about taking enamel work and pushing the envelope with its application. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the line is undeniably Catalan. Music and movement permeate the designs.

The first to successfully achieve plique a jour enamel on a spherical object, these pieces are vibrantly conversational.

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