Gebrüder Schaffrath

Gebrüder Schaffrath

Since 1923, Gebrüder Schaffrath has been awakening the soul of the diamond. Based in Germany and family owned for four generations (“Gebrüder” is the German word for “brothers”), the family’s design philosophy has remained the same: to awaken a diamond’s fire through superior diamond cutting, and then showcase it in an exquisite and one-of-a-kind setting. The unique ideas of chief jewelry designer Alexander Leuz guarantee innovative designs and perfect craftsmanship, with each design being truly a wearable piece of art. Working exclusively with diamonds since their inception, Gebrüder Schaffrath understands that the brilliance of a diamond is unleashed through the way it is cut. All Schaffrath diamonds come from conflict-free regions that are part of the Kimberley Process, ensuring the most ethical and environmentally responsible sourcing possible. Schaffrath's designs are incredibly fluid and dimensional, with a strong sculptural intelligence that is felt when worn and admired when seen. The work of Schaffrath is one of a kind and is for the intentional and elegant client. Call us for more information about our collection of Gebrüder Schaffrath pieces or visit our store in Bozeman, Montana to see this inimitable jewelry in person.
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