GHINI is a brand founded by Matt Longhini. With a focus on jewelry, GHINI is looking to build a recognizable name and image with its creations, showcasing how a combination of modern and traditional styling can embolden self-identity.

Matt was nicknamed Ghini by friends growing up in Chicago. He was always building, painting, and tinkering with things, and seemed destined to work with his hands from a young age. After awhile of exploring paths like culinary school post-graduation, he came to the realization that his passion lie in gemstones and jewelry. 

After a motivational push from his father, Matt got serious about his next step in the industry, and a month later in May, was sitting down for the first day of class in the Graduate Jeweler program at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Carlsbad, California. He has not looked back since his first day on the bench. After graduation, he worked professionally as a bench jeweler in Seattle, WA,  gaining industry knowledge and building skills from sales to design. Matt realized during this time that he longed to bring his own identity to the industry-- not only in design creation, but working directly with customers helping turn their ideas and daydreams into one-of-a-kind beautiful pieces of jewelry that will last generations. And with that, after continuous drive and honing of his craft, GHINI is here. 

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